There appears to be an end in sight to the stench hovering over Ladysmith.

On Friday the town announced it would build a new biosolids composting facility in south Ladysmith after purchasing land in an industrial zoned area.

“We are pleased that our lengthy search for a suitable property to house our biosolids composting facility has finally been successful,” Ladysmith mayor, Aaron Stone, said.

Fed up residents gathered on Wednesday and demanded the city do something about the smell coming from the composting site at the public works yard on Sixth Avenue.

The odour started when the city expanded its wastewater treatment plant last spring, doubling the volume of biosolids at the plant.

Some people say the smell is so bad that it causes headaches and vomiting.

The new building will be fitted with biofilters to control the odour.

In the meantime, town officials are searching for a partner to process the biosolids until they can move the entire operation away from the public works yard and neighbouring residential areas.

Operations will continue at the current location until the new facility is built.