A 95-year-old Union Bay woman is sharing her story after she found a furry intruder in her house not once – but twice.

Anna Stady was watching television Friday when she heard some noises on the other side of her house. There in her kitchen she found a black bear.

Stady immediately shooed the bear out of her house.

“I was annoyed,” Anna Stady said while laughing. “I told him to go. He went about halfway to the backyard and I said ‘No! Go home!’”

It wasn’t long before it soon returned, sneaking through the back door. She found the bear again in her kitchen, under the cupboards, digging into and destroying her sugar bin.

“He looked at me and grabbed something, I don’t know what it was, and he ran out,” said Stady.

The BC Conservation Officer Service is reminding everyone to pay extra attention when leaving doors open during the summer heat. Animals are likely to enter homes to search for food. 

“I’ve been around them all my life and I’ve never been attacked,” said Stady. “I hope they don’t catch him because if they do, they say they have to kill him.”

A bear trap now sits in front of Stady’s house in case the bear decides to come back. The conservation service also say bears can be unpredictable if startled, and can be a threat if they are confined inside a house with no immediate escape route.