Like a time capsule unearthed from the 1990s, iconic sparkling beverage Clearly Canadian is back on grocery store shelves on Vancouver Island.

B.C. grocery chain Thrifty Foods is once again stocking the little bottles of nostalgia, which first hit shelves in the late 1980s and quickly rose to dominate the beverage aisle nationwide.

The popular sparkling water drink disappeared from stores in the early 2000s, but a 2014 crowdfunding campaign supported by more than 14,000 thirsty fans got the production line moving again and set the table for the company's fizzy rise from the ashes.

The beverage's trademark glass bottles – featuring flavours like Orchard Peach, Wild Cherry, Country Raspberry, Mountain Blackberry and Clearly Sparkling – first returned to Canadian 7-Eleven stores in 2017.

"Throughout this journey we have been beyond humbled by your continuing support (emotional and out on the streets) to save Clearly Canadian," the company wrote in a Dec. 25, 2018 Facebook post.

"From the brink of history, Clearly Canadian has been saved by the sheer will of a self-organizing online community driven by entrenched hearts – not capitalists or banks, industry titans or the current food gurus of the day, but you, us and some truly friendly people who believed in our collective unity."

Anyone seeking to slake their thirst for nostalgia with a CC from either 7-Eleven or Thrifty Foods can find a carrier store here.