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Hundreds of workers may be moving from Victoria to Central Saanich


An economic boost could be coming to the relatively small community of Central Saanich.

Hundreds of workers may be migrating to Central Saanich from Victoria as a subcontractor for the B.C. government closes down its office in downtown Victoria.

The workers will be coming to a new office building on Keating Cross Road, though the exact number of employees has not been announced.

"Maybe as many as 500 employees coming out to the peninsula on a regular basis," said Central Saanich Mayor Ryan Windsor.

The news has been welcomed by local businesses, like Category 12 Brewing.

"My first reaction was excitement and pleasure," said Category 12 owner Karen Kuzyk.

The mayor says it's just the beginning of some long-term growth for Central Saanich.

"We're obviously, in some ways, into a 20 to 25 year plan," said Windsor.

A municipal study found that Keating Cross Road has room for 3,500 new workers over the next two decades.

A new overpass is also coming to the intersection of the Pat Bay Highway and Keating Cross Road, along with new road paving and rapid public transit.

"There's a lot of businesses on Keating Cross Road that are willing and able to absorb that," said Kuzyk.

Category 12 isn't the only business that's excited.

Adriana Ramirez, owner of Adriana's The Whole Enchilada, says she's excited about the prospect of more workers coming to the area.

"It makes me feel really, really good that I have to do a whole lot of burritos and enchiladas," she said.

With a mix of industrial operations and commercial businesses on the main strip of Keating Cross Road, bars and restaurants took a big hit during the pandemic, with many usual customers working from home.

But now it appears that business is on the upswing and it's welcome news for the community.

"It's concrete proof that there's growth in the right direction," said Kuzyk.

"The economy is growing, things are happening, people are getting back and it's good to be together," she said.

The mayor says the new provincial sub-contractor has been holding the office space since December, although it's unclear when it will move in. Top Stories

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