It’s been nine years since a young Victoria realtor was brutally murdered and her father says coping with her death has not gotten any easier.

Jeff Buziak travelled from Calgary to walk in Lindsay’s memory on Thursday.

Buziak has organized the Walk for Justice for the past seven years in honour of his daughter and as a reminder that the case remains unsolved.

He has criticized the Saanich Police Department over the years in its inability to bring her killer, or killers, to justice.

“I do believe that Saanich Police know who committed the crime, committed the murder against Lindsay,” Buziak said. “Why they are stalling and not arresting and not proceeding with further investigation I have no idea.”

On Feb. 2, 2008 the 24-year-old real estate agent was lured to a home on DeSousa Place in Saanich where she was stabbed in an upstairs bedroom.

Buziak believes his daughter’s killers are drug dealers who continue to roam the local community.

“As far as I’m concerned the community is in danger because we have killers out here,” he said. “It’s not some international conspiracy, these are local people.”

Saanich police previously said the murder was a targeted killing, but maintained the case had not gone cold.

After meeting with the police chief, Buziak says funding on his daughter’s case has been terminated and the investigators have been reassigned.

“[Police] aren’t doing further investigation so it’s very frustrating for me,” Buziak said. “I think nine years is a message out there that you can get away with murder.”

Saanich police tell CTV News the Buziak case is an active investigation.