LANGFORD -- The Capital Regional District's bylaw department is on the trail of a Washington state couple whose four dogs mauled a deer so badly that it had to be put down earlier this month.

The tourists and their dogs were staying at the Westin Hotel at Bear Mountain on Oct. 4 when the incident was captured on video and posted to Facebook.

The couple left the very next day.

Bylaw officer Don Brown says that while the CRD doesn't have jurisdiction in the U.S., cross-border cooperation can be arranged between agencies, as happened recently with a dog from Sooke that attacked a dog in Oregon.

"Two different couples from Sooke happened to be at the same campground in Oregon, and one dog attacked the other," Brown said.

"[U.S.authorities] were kind enough to forward the information back to us. As a result of that we were able to follow up an investigation here, and seize that dog."

So far Brown has provided the owners' names and hometown of Bellevue to King County, WA officials.

Brown hopes the hotel will provide their former guests' address to bring things to a close, he said.

“It is an offence to allow dogs to pursue game," conservation officer Peter Pauwels told CTV News shortly after the attack.

"It’s a ticketable offence or you could end up in court."