A brake failure caused a police cruiser to strike another RCMP vehicle as officers tried to block a stolen car in Nanaimo.

Nanaimo RCMP say the operation unfolded on the Island Highway Wednesday afternoon, when a RCMP street crimes unit was alerted to a stolen Dodge Ram truck driving northbound on the highway.

Jumping into action, police surrounded the truck when it stopped at a red light at Northfield Road, blocking the driver's escape route.

But as a police vehicle from a neighbouring detachment moved into position, its brakes failed, resulting in it hitting the driver's side door of a Nanaimo RCMP cruiser.

Two officers sustained minor injuries but didn't require hospitalization. Police say the suspect wasn't hurt or in jeopardy from the crash.

He was arrested at the scene and when officers searched his vehicle, reported stolen on Oct. 26, they found a replica Uzi, ammo, knives and suspected cocaine.

The man now faces charges including possession of stolen property, possession for the purpose of trafficking and firearm charges relating to the seizure of ammunition.

He was expected to appear in Nanaimo Provincial Court some time Thursday.