An exhausted Bernese mountain dog is getting some much-needed relief when it comes to nursing a litter of orphaned puppies, a Victoria animal rescue says.

Hours after the dog gave birth to a litter of nine puppies at the Victoria Humane Society, the rescue took in a pregnant golden retriever that died after giving birth to 11 puppies.

Desperate to get the orphaned litter some milk, the rescue gave the puppies to the Bernese mountain dog to nurse.

It then issued a public appeal to pet owners to find any nursing dogs that provide milk to the puppies.

In a Wednesday night Facebook post, the society said it's seen an outpouring of support that resulted in it being able to borrow two new moms to help nurse the litter.

"Our momma was very sad to see them go…(she whined and cried when we took them away) but now that she has only 9 pups, she can get some well needed rest," it said.

The society's executive director Penny Stone says she knows the adorable puppies will be popular, but they won't be put up for adoption until they get a bit older.