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'Why would somebody do this?' Langford Pride crosswalk vandalized one day after completion

West Shore RCMP say they are investigating the crosswalk vandalism. (CTV) West Shore RCMP say they are investigating the crosswalk vandalism. (CTV)
Langford, B.C. -

Tire burnouts and spray paint have been used to deface a symbol of acceptance and inclusion outside of Spencer Middle School in Langford.

“It makes me feel really disappointed,” said Harry Eves, a Grade 6 student at the school.

“Why would somebody do this?” said Liv Propp, a Grade 8 student.

Both Eves and Propp are part of the school’s Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Club, often referred to as SOGI.

The club was instrumental in the creation of a crosswalk bearing the design of the Pride Progress flag on the Goldstream Avenue, outside their school. Work began last year to make the project happen.

“They actually had written a letter to the City of Langford,” said Jen Nixon, Principal of Spencer Middle School.

Nixon says in December the school was told by the City of Langford that the crosswalk project had been approved.

On Tuesday, the first half of the crosswalk was painted.

Overnight, it was defaced with a tire burnout from someone's car.

On Wednesday, the second half was completed, and later that night another burnout appeared, followed by the spray paint.

“It just makes me sad,” said Propp.

“I have to be honest, it makes me angry and it makes me frustrated,” said Paul Block, superintendent of schools for the Sooke School District.

Block says he is incredibly proud of what those Spencer Middle School students had a hand in creating.

“Then to see others in our community take the time to desecrate that and destroy that, it is incredibly disappointing,” said Block.

Because the crosswalk is part of permanent city infrastructure, Langford city staff will be out in the coming days to removing the tire tracks and spray paint.

“We are committed to making sure that it stays functional and beautiful for our community,” said Kimberly Guiry, a councillor with the City of Langford.

West Shore RCMP says it is now investigating the vandalism, which could result in a charge of mischief.

“I feel like it makes the group stronger,” said Propp.

The students say they are not going to be dejected and that the senseless vandalism only shows the need for more inclusive projects, throughout the community.

“It lets everyone know that you’re welcome,” said Eves. Top Stories

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