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'When no one's looking he kind of just runs': Metchosin woman searching for missing tortoise


A Metchosin, B.C., woman is on the hunt for her missing tortoise, who escaped from her backyard over the weekend.

Erica Makofka says her slow-moving, 40-something-year-old tortoise escaped on Sunday, and it's not the first time it's happened.

Makofka says she let her tortoise, Vonu, out of his enclosure so he could roam around her backyard.

"I like him to have a little freedom in the yard so he can eat the dandelions," she told CTV News.

But then, while Makofka was tending to other things in the yard, Vonu "made his escape."

"When no one's looking he kind of just runs," she said.

Fortunately, Makofka says this isn't the first time Vonu has made his escape, and so far he's always been found in the same areas.

"This is embarrassing, we're probably at about the fourth time?" she said.

What Vonu loves is golf. Or at least, the golf course.

The decades-old tortoise has been found before at Olympic View Golf Course.

Locals that spoke with CTV News on Wednesday all have their own theory as to why Vonu likes the area.

Some say he's hiding in a golf course bunker, while others joke that he has a girlfriend in the area.

Whatever the reason, Makofka's family is confident he'll turn up again.

And if he does come back, Makofka says she'll make sure there won't be a next time.

"Maybe I can get a harness with a little flag?" she joked.

Anyone who spots the wayward tortoise can contact Makofka at[.] Top Stories

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