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“If you don’t enjoy a dip in the temperatures then I suggest you get ready to hibernate for a few days. Get the supplies Saturday and settle into your den until late next week. A cold air mass has made its move and with the jetstream being pulled back out to the Pacific, we’re going to tap into winter for a few days.

The cold arctic air moves in Saturday afternoon with gusting winds out of the northeast. Areas along the eastern side of the island will feel the wind nipping into Saturday evening. Gusts inland will be in the 40-50 km/h range with gust on the water a little stronger.  A special weather statement was issued late Thursday and covers most of the province. Both daytime highs and overnight lows will be 5 to 10 degrees below seasonal. For Greater Victoria and most island areas Sunday and Monday look to be the coldest days and then we’ll slowly pull ourselves back to seasonal by Friday next week.

Tuesday and Wednesday bring some wetter weather and yes some of it will be in the form of snow. Will it be widespread with a major impact? No, mostly it’ll be rain with a little snow mixed in depending on the time of day and location. High elevations will obviously see more snow. This looks to be the island’s last cold blast for the winter season.”

- Warren Dean, CTV News Vancouver Island weather anchor

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