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"Another nice day and two more to go before it turns again. Due to the setup of both the upper ridge and surface low to the south, I think we’re missing out on another 2-3 degrees on the high. A ridge of high pressure spins in a clockwise motion, while a low is the opposite, spinning in a counter-clockwise motion.

With the positioning of the current high and low it’s like a double pull of air from the north and is giving us wind gusts and a little bit of that cooler Arctic air. Don’t get me wrong, a high of 13 is fantastic but with just a little different setup maybe it could’ve been 16 today! Either way it stays sunny, dry and warm until Friday. Once that ridge breaks down and moves off we return to the wetter and just a bit cooler conditions. The good news is, we have more nice days ahead!"

- Warren Dean, CTV News Vancouver Island weather anchor

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