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Walmart says empty shelves in B.C. due to 'supply chain challenges'

Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart.

Walmart Canada is apologizing to customers in British Columbia as many shoppers have been finding store shelves either empty or low on grocery stock in recent days.

Customers across the province have taken to social media and online forums to voice their disappointment at the lack of items like dairy, meat and fresh fruit and vegetables.

The lack harkens back to the earliest days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when everything from panic buying to global supply chain disruptions was blamed for empty store shelves.

In a statement to CTV News on Friday, the company said the problem is primarily affecting its largest stores.

"A number of our B.C. Walmart Supercentres are experiencing some recent internal supply chain challenges affecting the fresh and frozen food categories," said Walmart Canada corporate affairs manager Jon Rumley.

"This is not what our customers expect and deserve," he added. "We are prioritizing this issue and product availability continues to improve daily. We apologize to our customers for this short-term inconvenience and thank them for their understanding."

The company did not provide a timeline on when the issue will be fully resolved.

Many businesses across B.C. are struggling to fill employment vacancies as the province's jobless rate hovers around near-historic lows of 4.7 per cent, according to the latest labour force survey. Top Stories

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