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Victoria video store teaming up with island artist for movie portrait exhibit


A Vancouver Island-based painter is partnering with a Victoria video store to stage an art exhibit showcasing iconic movie characters.

Timothy Hoey's cinema-inspired canvases range from Elvis Presley in "Blue Hawaii" to Malcolm McDowell in a "Clockwork Orange."

Pic-A-Flic video store owner Kent Bendall says that every character painting is being offered for sale with a copy of the move they're featured in.

"When people come in and they look at the art or rent a movie, they're experiencing something special, it's something somebody made," he said.

"And the arts are important and this is a really accessible way for people to experience them – and kind of a fun way too," he said.

The movie art exhibit runs through the entire month of April at Pic-A-Flic video at 1519 Pandora Ave. Top Stories

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