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Victoria has longest wait times for walk-in medical clinics in Canada: report


Victoria has the longest wait times for walk-in medical clinics in the country, according to a new report from online clinic tracker Medimap.

The company says Canada's average wait time for walk-in clinics in 2021 was 25 minutes. In Victoria, the average wait time was 161 minutes, or two hours and 41 minutes.

British Columbians wait an average of 58 minutes before seeing a doctor, the longest provincial wait time in the country, while Ontario residents fared best with average waits of only 15 minutes.

Medimap's founder and CEO says B.C. was alone among the six provinces the company operates in to see its average wait times increase in 2021 from pre-pandemic levels.

B.C.'s average wait time increased by 15 minutes from 2019 to 2021, while Ontario's average fell by 11 minutes.

"It was surprising to see," Blake Adam said Thursday. "We kind of expected wait times would have dropped across the board."

Seven B.C. cities made the list of 10 longest wait times in Canada in 2021, with Victoria followed by Kelowna (91 minutes), White Rock (83 minutes), North Vancouver (74 minutes), and Vancouver (65 minutes).

The full list of Canadian cities with the longest wait times, according to Medimap, is below:

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