VICTORIA -- Victoria's high-speed marine connection to Seattle won't resume sailings until July 3, in light of the extended Canada-U.S. border closure announced Tuesday.

The Victoria Clipper plans to restart sailings between the two cities from Friday to Monday only for the month of July, the company said Tuesday.

The Clipper will return to regular daily service on Aug. 1.

“While the business impact continues to be dramatic, we’ll be ready to return to service as soon as the border reopens and Vancouver Island is prepared once again for non-essential travel,” said David Gudgel, CEO of Clipper Vacations, in a statement.

“In the meantime, we are continuing to revise and prepare our operation plans for a safe and healthy return of crew, staff, and customers.”

Clipper Vacations stopped sailings between the two cities in March after B.C. health officials urged U.S. travellers to stay out of B.C. amid the early days of the coronavirus outbreak.

The company laid off approximately 80 employees on both sides of the border as a result of the shutdown.