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Vancouver Island sasquatch researcher recognized in new book


The question of whether Bigfoot exists has been the subject of speculation, fierce debate and even some ridicule, but now the topic is back in the minds of some Vancouver Island residents.

"Sasquatch Discovered: The Biography of Dr. John Bindernagel" was written by Courtenay, B.C., resident Terrance James, who was friends with Bindernagel for 25 years.

"I thought it was important to tell John’s story to present his credibility, to establish his background and so I wanted to write it as a biography," said James.

The book outlines the wildlife biologist’s struggles to have his work and sasquatches recognized by the scientific community.

"Science doesn’t take quantum leaps, it moves very slowly, and what John was suggesting was a quantum leap. So he met a lot of rejection," said James.

Bindernagel, who died from cancer in January 2018, originally moved to the Comox Valley because of its proximity to northern Vancouver Island, where sightings were frequent.

"He documented 150 years of evidence of sasquatches, but his frustration was the lack of acceptance by his scientific community, by his peers, who wouldn’t examine the evidence," he said.

The book was published in December by Hancock House Publishers and is a collaboration by the two long-time friends.

"It was his dying wish when he got down to the last couple of months of life," said James. "He was concerned about having the story on record about the ongoing discovery process of the sasquatch."

Wildlife biologist Dr. John Bindernagel is pictured.James hopes to do more promotion of the book in the coming months and will make an appearance at an event at North Island College on Feb. 24.

Even though Bindernagel has died, work from the renowned expert in the field continues on.

"John’s website,, is still up, his son is keeping that active, all of his videos are available online through that site or through the YouTube channels," said James. Top Stories

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