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Stunning gingerbread house fundraiser returns to Victoria

Pegacorn created by Selena Olivera. (Habitat for Humanity/Facebook) Pegacorn created by Selena Olivera. (Habitat for Humanity/Facebook)

The 14th Annual Gingerbread Showcase has returned to Victoria in support of Habitat for Humanity.

Each year, volunteers spend hundreds of hours making the 100 per cent edible gingerbread houses, and this year's competition launched on Saturday.

People can vote for their favourite gingerbread house, either in person or online for free, though the charity encourages voters to also make a donation in support of their favourite creation.

Mystic Night created by Tracy Aitchison, Tina Ware, Liana Tupper. (Habitat for Humanity)

The donations go to Habitat for Humanity Victoria to help local families build or secure affordable housing.

The theme of this year's gingerbread showcase is "Magical."

Voters can choose their favourite gingerbread houses across six different categories:

  • Best first impression
  • Best use of skill & technique
  • Best interpretation of the theme
  • Most creative and original
  • Most diverse use of ingredients
  • The People's Choice Award – as voted for by showcase visitors

Christmas Magic at Hogwarts Hall created by Jesika Edison. (Habitat for Humanity)

People can see the displays at the atrium of the Parkside Hotel & Spa at 510 Humboldt St. in downtown Victoria from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily until Jan. 2.

"It’s a joyous, creative competition that helps foster the spirit of the holidays in Victoria," said J.P. Cadeau, president of event sponsor Revera Canada, in a release Friday.

"I got to see firsthand the enthusiasm, imagination and hard work the residents and employees of our retirement living homes have put into this year’s amazing creations," he said. Top Stories

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