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Royal Roads University to go net-zero by 2050

Royal Roads University in Colwood on April 18, 2018. (CTV News) Royal Roads University in Colwood on April 18, 2018. (CTV News)

Royal Roads University (RRU) has laid out its "Climate Action Plan" for the next five years and beyond.

By 2050, the university plans to be "net-zero," meaning it will offset as much human-caused greenhouse gas emissions as it creates, either on campus or through other projects.

In the near future, RRU plans to reduce its emissions by 65 per cent by 2025, and by 80 per cent by 2030.

As part of this goal, the university says that all new buildings constructed on campus starting next year will have a primary energy source that does not rely on fossil fuels.

"Universities have not only a mandate but also a much larger role to play in moving the dial on climate action through education, research and outreach," said Dr. Robin Cox, director of the Resilience by Design Research Lab at RRU in a release Thursday.

"By building the knowledge and capacity of our students and staff we can amplify the potential for positive change locally, nationally, and globally."

The university's five-year climate action plan also includes starting a new "living lab" program that would offer hands-on, nature-based learning for students, staff, and community members.

RRU also plans to complete climate risk assessments and develop climate preparedness and adaptation strategies within three years that it hopes to share with policy makers, both locally and internationally. Top Stories


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