VICTORIA -- Dozens of driving tickets were handed out, and more than 12 vehicles were impounded, after RCMP set up driving road checks in the Tofino and Ucluelet area.

Over the weekend, from June 17 to 20, the BC Highway Patrol Impaired Driving Unit worked with Tofino and Ucluelet RCMP to set up the road checks.

During that time, 41 violation tickets were written, 13 vehicles were impounded, 10 roadside driving bans were issued and two drug investigations were launched, among other infractions.

Police say that within five minutes of setting up the first road check on Friday, two impaired drivers and one prohibited driver were stopped by RCMP.

"Another vehicle attempted to pull into a private driveway to avoid the check stop and the vehicle’s occupants, all from the Lower Mainland, were less than respectful toward the officers and the property owner onto whose property they had trespassed," said RCMP in a release Wednesday.

Police say that traffic is relatively high in the Tofino area, after travel restrictions were eased in B.C. on June 15.

Mounties add that they were "also surprised at the number of impaired drivers taken off the road" in the area over the weekend.

"As we begin to return to a pre-COVID world, I want the public to know about the work that is being done in our communities around the province to keep our roads safe from aggressive and impaired drivers as we work to make our highways safer together," said RCMP Insp. Dale Carr in a statement Tuesday.