VICTORIA -- Celebrations are in order for the Anderson family of Vancouver Island following daughter Pamela Anderson's wedding to Hollywood film producer Jon Peters.

The couple was married in Los Angeles on Monday, and Pamela's mother, Carol Anderson of Vancouver Island, told CTV News Vancouver Island that she couldn't be happier for the newlyweds.

"Everybody is very happy," she said. "They're like kids."

Carol says that the couple FaceTimed her during the ceremony, while she remained on Vancouver Island.

"They've known each other for a lot of years and they have a lot of the same interests," Carol said. "And they have a lot of respect for each other."

While Pamela has a home on Vancouver Island, her mother says that she's unsure if the couple will return anytime soon.

"That's all up to them," she said. "I think we're all still getting used to the idea."

In 2019, Pamela was actively involved in island politics. The actress lent her support to Nanaimo-Ladysmith Green Party candidate Paul Manly, who would then go on to see re-election in the region. 

In the summer of 2019, she also attended a Nanaimo town hall meeting to advocate against open-net fish farms on B.C.'s coast, an industry that many environmental activists say could threaten the health of wild sea life, like salmon.

Pamela Anderson was born in Ladysmith, B.C.