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Nanaimo dog-walking group photographs 55 dogs on a log for charity

A canine hiking group in Nanaimo, B.C., has succeeded in its efforts to photograph 55 dogs on a log for charity.

Pooch Pack Adventures completed the feat Wednesday, raising more than $1,800 for survivors of domestic violence who need help caring for their pets.

Studies show that domestic violence survivors who own pets will stay in abusive relationships longer than other survivors, according to the group.

"Pets become a huge obstacle for them to leave easily," said Kim Sirett of Pooch Pack Adventures. "They don't want to leave them behind but they [don't] have a place to go to where they can take the pets."

The campaign proceeds will help provide boarding, food and supplies for pets while families are seeking support, counselling and shelter.

In 2015, the same group got 40 dogs onto a log for a photo, raising thousands of dollars in the process.

Donations are still being accepted through a fundraising website. Top Stories

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