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More aid on its way to Ukraine from Langford

Esquimalt, B.C. -

A humanitarian team from Langford has now made two trips to the war-torn country of Ukraine. Those missions have brought much-needed supplies to the country and helped feed tens of thousands of displaced people.

On Tuesday, the team was in Esquimalt unloading a U-Haul truck full of life-saving medical aid destined for Ukraine.

“This is equipment that we had acquired and intended to take over in February,” said Bob Beckett, who has organized the humanitarian trips.

In February, the team travelled to Ukraine with 18 hockey bags full of aid. Now, more will be on its way.

“I think with everything here we’re (at) approximately $30,000 in medical aid,” said Jon Schmid, of WUNDERfund, a non-profit that partnered with the team on their last mission.

The team was unloading the truck at the Monk Office warehouse in Esquimalt.

“Any time we can help out in any way in a small capacity, it’s super important,” said Ian Taylor, director of commercial sales with Monk Office.

Monk has contributed to the humanitarian effort by donating $10,000 worth of school supplies. Much of it was too heavy to pack into the hockey bags during the team's last trip.

Six pallets consisting of the remaining medical equipment, school supplies and a Jaws of Life are soon to be destined for Ukraine with Mississauga-based Ukraine Medical Support.

That organization will be shipping the Langford team's supplies along with its own aid, free of charge.

“We already have a full container ready to go, but we do wait for Bob’s stuff to arrive,” said Slava Lukan, director of Ukraine Medical Support.

“These missions are very important for us."

“It means what we’re saving on transportation will go into the procurement of medical equipment that are so badly need,” added Beckett.

The container will be shipped from Ontario at the end of April.

With many schools in Ukraine not having bomb shelters, a school district in Calgary has now donated 400-used Chromebooks to the team, so students in Ukraine can learn remotely.

“SD 62 is providing us with another approximately 300 used devices,” said Beckett.

As the war continues in Ukraine with no end in sight, the team pledges to continue to help in any way it can. Top Stories

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