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Langford votes to end turf program along city streets


The City of Langford has decided to stop installing artificial turf along city boulevards following a council meeting Monday.

In 2017, the city began laying down turf along some of its boulevards, which was intended to reduce maintenance costs for the city and developers.

The city also incentivized developers to use artificial turf by offering to split the cost of installation, with the city covering 65 per cent of costs and the developers paying 35 per cent.

However, a recent city staff report found that maintenance costs did not appear to decline over the past five years, while the cost of installing artificial turf has risen faster than the cost of using sod.

On Monday evening, council voted to end the practice.

Moving forward, the city will require sod to be placed along its streets. According to the staff report, developers will be on the hook for 100 per cent of the costs of installing sod, but that total is still estimated to be lower than paying for installing turf.

On Monday afternoon, before the vote was held, Langford Mayor Scott Goodmanson noted that the vote only affects future construction.

The city says existing turf will not be removed until it reaches the end of its lifespan, or if it becomes damaged beyond repair.

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