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'It's like a museum': Victoria military antique shop closing after 32 years


Many businesses have been in survival mode since the start of the pandemic, and one long-standing Victoria store is finally waving the white flag.

Command Post Militaria and Antique has decided to surrender after decades of dealing in history.

Brent Fletcher, owner of Command Post, has stationed himself here on Government Street in downtown Victoria for 32 years.

Locals and tourists alike have been drawn to the store over the past three decades.

"It's like a museum," said a couple from Mexico who was in the shop Thursday.

"I have grandparents who served in both World Wars so it's nice looking back (and) understanding where they came from," said 19-year-old shopper, Lucas.

Fletcher says every time someone comes in with a box of items, it's "like Christmas."

A man named Adam dropped by the store Thursday after cleaning out his late aunt's storage locker. He's no collector, but a sword that he found among the belongings will go to someone who is.

"That's the important thing, that someone can get something from it," he said while in the shop.

Command Post Militaria and Antique has been a real service for those who have served in Canada's military.

"As a veteran, it's a bit of morale," said Kirk, who was in the store Thursday. "You come in and you feel like you're part of something."

Command Post has been a safe space for stoic soldiers and their stories for 32 years. And not always for service members from our side.

"I had a 96-year-old German tank driver in here last week," said Fletcher. "He was really interesting to talk to."

Even the odd celebrity has rolled through this Victoria landmark.

"Had Billy Joel in here once," said Fletcher. "He bought six swords."

But after three decades, a substantial rent hike, plus a decrease in foot traffic by about 70 per cent since the start of the pandemic, Fletcher has decided to close up shop come June.

"Rent's gone up a lot in the store," he said. "Just doesn't make sense."

The owner says he'll be moving the shop online, but that means anyone looking to try on a 16th century war helmet will have to settle for seeing pictures.

If you're curious, come by, because soon Command Post Militaria and Antique will become history. Top Stories

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