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Island Cup 4x4 championships coming to South Shawnigan Lake in May

View Royal, B.C. -

Cory Hinds owns Westshore Spring & 4x4 in View Royal. On Wednesday, he was checking over one of his vehicles, one that is not a daily driver.

It has 750 horsepower, can turn on a dime, can climb a near-vertical hill and can't be bought off a car lot.

“You pretty much have to build it,” said Hinds.

It’s an extreme off-road buggy that Hinds will be driving in the upcoming 4x4 Island Cup Championships on May 12 through 14.

“It’s going to have high angles, big drops, cars flipping end over end,” said Hinds. “Explosions, cars are going to catch on fire, everything good that could happen.”

He is also putting on the event.

It’s a competition that began in 2006, out in the backcountry with no spectators.

In 2014, it became a public event, and it has been growing ever since. Last year, the event was held at Western Speedway.

“It was a great opportunity being able to be a part of the last year of Western Speedway,” said Hinds. “We had a two-day event and filled the stands both days.”

With the speedway now gone, this year's event will take place on private land in South Shawnigan Lake.

“The Island Cup is like nothing you’ve ever seen before,” said Chris Jenson, an employee at Westshore Spring & 4x4.

Jenson helps organize the event. He says it’s like watching monster trucks, but faster and more action-packed.

“The fans will lose their minds,” said Jenson. “The first time someone makes it up a crazy obstacle, the place just goes crazy.”

Drivers will be coming from Washington State, Alberta, the mainland and around the island.

“The goal in the end is to have a series where the Island Cup would be the final event of the year,” said Hinds.

He is hoping to grow the sport across the province, create a circuit and keep racing throughout the year. The series would conclude with finals on Southern Vancouver Island.

“Because that’s the best thing about these things is that they are good in the snow, they are good in the summer,” said Hinds.

It’s a show that organizers say, won’t disappoint.

Presale tickets are on sale now and can be purchased on the Island Cup website. Tickets will be more expensive at the gate. Top Stories

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