VICTORIA -- A group of island breweries has released a unique summer offering to help support B.C.’s wild salmon population.

Four beers from four different breweries are now available in "Pod Packs," with some proceeds going towards the Pacific Salmon Foundation. The cans highlight Victoria’s southern resident killer whale population with black and white themed boxes that are complete with a dorsal fin.

“The orcas have been a part of our brand for decades and we’re doing our part to help support the ecosystem that surrounds our island,” said Vancouver Island Brewing general manager David Nicholls.

One dollar from each pod pack sold goes directly to the Pacific Salmon Foundation and helps island communities preserve wild salmon stocks.

“We give out grants to community stream-keeping groups,” said Cory Matheson, senior manager of business development for the Pacific Salmon Foundation.

“There’s hundreds of stream-keeping groups all across British Columbia and they cleanup rivers and streams, they operate small scale hatchery facilities and they do habitat restoration that makes life better for salmon,” he said.

The pod pack fundraiser started in 2019 alongside a pod festival, and generated $15,000. Last year, the fundraiser was put on hold because of the pandemic, but now it’s back, along with T-shirts, posters, and QR codes on the boxes to help boost fundraising.

Vancouver Island brewing is leading the initiative with four smaller breweries under its wing.

“We pick breweries that are on the smaller and newer side. We want to bring attention to everyone in B.C. – really to raise that attention to help them grow their business as well,” said Nicholls.

The pod packs contain their own exclusive beers from Whistle Buoy Brewing, Mayne Island Brewing Co., Ucluelet Brewing Co. and Ace Brewing Company.

“They’re are all great communities that rely on healthy salmon populations, so it’s nice to see that again, they can get on board and help support healthy salmon in their communities,” said Matheson.

The pod packs are available at participating liquor stores. You can also order online from Vancouver Island Brewing or find them on tap at some of your favorite restaurants.