VICTORIA -- A real-estate group that plans to redevelop the Western Speedway lands in Langford has applied to rezone the area for residential development and potentially a hotel and film studio.

The application from Bastion Development Corp. and Strand Holdings is due for consideration at Langford’s planning, zoning and affordable housing committee Monday.

The group’s proposal calls for 60 new single-family homes and a large business park on the 81 -acre property at 2207 Millstream Road. The business park could include a film production studio and hotel development, according to their submission to the committee.

The group’s application also proposes allowing auto racing to continue on the site until September 2022 and then providing $2.5 million to the city to help establish an alternative racetrack in the area.

Western Speedway, which opened in 1954, was owned by the Wille family, who put it on the market last year.