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Gas price hits 216.9 cents a litre in Greater Victoria


The price of gasoline jumped again at some Greater Victoria stations on Monday, shattering records established just last week.

A pair of gas stations in Sooke, B.C., were charging 216.9 cents per litre Monday, currently the highest price in the region.

"That's pretty steep and at this point probably not justified," said Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

"That would mean a retail margin in the vicinity of about 20 cents a litre."

Stations elsewhere in the region averaged between 194.9 cents and 200.9 cents per litre Monday afternoon, though several others were charging 208.9 per litre.

B.C. Public Safety Minister Mike Farnworth says the province has no plans to follow Alberta's lead by reducing taxes on gasoline amid the unprecedented cost.

Farnworth told reporters Monday that gas prices are driven by events outside of the government's control, namely the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has sent energy prices skyward in recent days.

"The reality is, there is significant instability in the energy market on a global basis, directly related to the invasion of Ukraine by Russia," said Farnworth.

In response to the price hike, the Alberta government announced it is reducing its tax by 13 cents per litre on both gasoline and diesel.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney also announced the government would give $150 rebates on electricity bills starting April 1.

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