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Caught on cam: Mattress flies off car near Langford, B.C.


A Vancouver Island man was driving along Sooke Road just west of Langford, B.C., on Sunday when he recorded the moment a mattress flew off the top of a moving vehicle.

Ryan Bunyan says he was driving west around 2 p.m. when the car carrying the mattress moved in front of him.

"As soon as I saw them come in front of me in the fast lane I decided to start recording because I could see [the mattress] flapping," he said.

Soon after, the mattress came off the roof of the vehicle.

Bunyan says that the matters was tied down to what appeared to be a kayak rack on the roof of the car, and was not tied to the vehicle itself.

After the mattress flew off the car, the video shows the car pull a sharp U-turn into oncoming lanes.

Bunyan says there was a break in traffic in the oncoming lanes, and that the mattress slid into a turning lane in the middle of the highway.

"It slid perfectly into the turning lane out of anyone's way," he said.

(Ryan Bunyan)Bunyan says there was a long line of traffic behind him and it was fortunate the mattress didn't slide into his vehicle, or into any of the cars behind him.

He says that stretch of road, which has a speed limit of 50 km/h, often has people speeding through it.

He's seen many vehicles lose loads on the road, which is why he says he has a phone holding dock on his dashboard that's ready to record any potential incidents.

Bunyan says he didn't call police after the mattress was lost, and it appeared traffic continued to flow around the car before he was out of sight.

The West Shore RCMP says it did not receive a report about the incident, but that it is now looking into it. Top Stories

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