CAMPBELL RIVER, B.C. -- A man who was out for a solo camping trip north of Campbell River made a gruesome discovery Wednesday: a dead black bear with a severed head.

Sanjay Srivastava has been staying at the Big Bay campground and was making a quick trip into Campbell River when he noticed a flock of vultures circling at the top of a berm near the side of a remote road.

"I just thought, I'd better go investigate and see what was going on, hoping for the best and prepared for the worst." Srivastava says.

What he found was a dead bear that still had its paws and body intact but was missing its head.

"It was very disturbing, upsetting," he says, describing the scene as "pretty grotesque."

"I just hate to see cruelty to animals," he adds. "It was just appalling that someone would cut the head off a bear. It's just something that you shouldn't do."

Srivastava believes the bear was likely walking at the top of a berm next to the roadway and was shot and then decapitated.

"That was trophy hunting," he says. "I'm so against trophy hunting. It should be outlawed."

He has reported his find to the BC Conservation Officer Service's Report all Poachers and Polluters line, and says he's been told someone will investigate the discovery.

"If we can bring justice for the bear, then I'll be happy," he says.