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Birdwatchers flock to Victoria for rarely seen puffin


If you're a bird nerd, Ogden Point in Victoria has been the centre of your universe after a rare visitor was spotted Wednesday.

A horned puffin, a bird that's rarely, if ever, seen on Vancouver Island, recently arrived.

"This is only the third I've ever heard of," said well-known Victoria birdwatcher Ann Nightingale. "The other two were flybys, so you couldn't chase them."

The paparazzi have flocked to Ogden Point, with excited birdwatchers huffin' and puffin' down to the water.

"I've got three layers on, and hopefully he comes by soon," said Derek Isbister, who came down from Qualicum Beach, B.C., to see the animal.

Puffins are usually only ever seen far off shore and in areas as far north as Alaska.

Some birdwatchers believe the puffin was blown onto the island from open water.

While it doesn't have the most exotic colours, its rarity in the area has drawn plenty of attention.

"This bird does not look spectacular, let's be honest," said Nightingale. "It's a white and black and grey bird."

Despite its drab colouration, word of the wayward puffin quickly spread online, with rare bird alerts being issued in online groups and mobile apps.

Avid birders say if you want to catch a glimpse of the puffin, you'll have to have patience. Top Stories

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