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Basketball-loving boy with autism grateful after wrong made right in a meaningful way

Nanaimo, B.C. -

When her son started showing an interest in basketball this year, after a lifetime of suffering from serious medical issues and being on the autism spectrum, Betty Wade was overjoyed.

“It impacts my heart hugely,” Betty says. “Because it makes him feel like he’s an everyday kid.”

When Jonathan wasn’t shooting hoops in the hallway (thanks to a small portable net), the 13-year-old was playing at the park (with a large public net).

“Everywhere he goes, that basketball’s got to go,” Betty smiles.

“It makes me happy,” Jonathan adds.

So when he received a gift certificate from a sick kids' charity, nobody was surprised he bought a basketball hoop to play outside his home.

“It was the love of his life,” Betty says.

Betty couldn’t have been more shocked to arrive home from work the other day and find it broken at the end of the driveway.

“(Jonathan) was really disappointed,” Betty says.

When Betty was told who was responsible for the accident, she contacted that person’s supervisor.

“Right away (the supervisor) was very apologetic,” Betty says, appreciatively. “(He said), 'Leave this in my hands and (I’ll) see what we can do.'”

When Betty heard back from the supervisor, he apologized for taking so long, revealing he’d been with his wife in the hospital.

“(He said), ‘We just received some bad news, (my wife) has breast cancer,’” Betty recalls the man saying, before she starts fighting back tears. “And I thought, ‘Oh my God!'”

Betty couldn’t help but think back to when her husband was diagnosed with cancer, before he died, leaving her a single mom of three.

She couldn’t believe the man was taking the time to get back to her and asking to drop off a gift for her son.

“So I ran out and got him some flowers,” Betty says.

Betty bought a bouquet, hoping it would put a smile on his wife’s face, and the man (who wishes to remain anonymous), presented Jonathan with a new basketball and a new stand-up hoop that has proved to be way bigger and better than the original.

“Honestly, there’s no words,” Betty cries. “He’s fighting something so dearly in his life and he’s making such kind acts in our lives.”

Jonathan couldn’t be more grateful that the man went above and beyond, so he could play his beloved b-ball like never before.

“No one has ever did that for me,” Jonathan says, in disbelief to have received such a big gift. “It feels nice.”

Betty says she’s now praying for the man’s family, promising to support them in whatever way she can, and hoping that by sharing his story, others will be inspired to connect with their community through kindness too.

“It’s just a really good thing to do,” Betty smiles before wiping away her grateful tears. Top Stories

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