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3-legged cat inspires Vancouver Island man with trio of tricks

Saanich, B.C. -

Adam is cuddling with Mister Gibbles — a cat with three legs, who can do a trio of tricks.

“The saying says, ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks,’” Adam smiles. “It doesn’t have anything to do with cats.”

Mister Gibbles' routine begins with a fist-bump of sorts. Adam offers his fist and the cat returns the gesture by head-butting it.

“You show off,” Adam smiles, and rewards the cat with a treat.

Adam says the next trick begins when he wiggles two of his fingers.

“Then Mister Gibbles needs to give me one of those Lucky Cat Statue paws,” Adam says, demonstrating how his cat should wave, before a sound on the balcony above us interrupts him.

“That looks like Half-Beak.”

When I look up, I see a crow missing part of the top-half of his beak.

Adam says the bird visits him and Mister Gibbles daily.

“What Half-Beak has that none of the other crows has, is bravery,” Adam says, before adding that watching her courageously lead the other birds, despite her challenges, is inspiring.

“A beautiful bird,” Adam smiles at the crow. “Another survivor.”

“Another” because Adam and Mister Gibbles also receive regular visits from a mother deer missing the bottom of her back leg.

“Two of the little fawns will come up and start nursing. But (when they’re finishing) she can’t get away because she has no leg,” Adam smiles. “So she has to jump over them and it’s really cute.”

And it really gets one wondering — is it just a coincidence that so many animals with so many challenges are surrounding just one person?

“My idea of a higher power is serendipity,” Adam says. “Coincidence.”

Adam starts explaining his belief by revealing how he’d been struggling with his mental health and asked for help.

“I looked up and I said, ‘OK universe! Here’s your chance. Surprise me!'”

Adam says the animals started appearing after that, showing him how they were overcoming their adversity. But when I ask more about his story, a lawnmower across the street starts interrupting.

“The universe doesn’t want talk about pain today. The universe wants you to tell a happy story,” Adam says, before smiling. “We know there’s been hard times. But let’s laugh instead.”

Let’s return to Mister Gibbles.

“He’s never looked at me once and gone, 'I can’t do that; I’ve only got three legs,'” Adam laughs. “He wouldn’t do that.”

Instead, the cat performs his grand finale. Adam wiggles his fingers. Mister Gibbles waves his left paw, followed by his right. Adam beams with pride. And you realize the pet’s most impressive feat is how he fills his person with hope and positivity. Top Stories

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