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104-year-old B.C. veteran to walk 104 laps around retirement home for charity


Well-known Vancouver Island centenarian John Hillman has just celebrated his 104th birthday, and now he plans to hold his annual fundraising walk around his retirement home courtyard for charity.

This year, the Second World War veteran will walk 104 laps around the Carlton House courtyard in Oak Bay, B.C., for Canadian charity Save the Children.

Hillman hopes to raise $104,000 this year, a lofty goal for the humble senior who has proven himself to be a fundraising powerhouse.

The is the fourth year that Hillman has taken on his fundraising walk, and over the past three years he's raised more than $330,000 for children across the globe.

"At 104 years of age, I am glad to say I am still around, fit and enthusiastic," he said on his fundraising page.

"I’m looking forward to my 104 trips around the Carlton House residence courtyard!" he added. "Many thanks to those of you who supported the children in 2020, 2021, and 2022. I encourage you to continue your good work again in 2023."

Hillman's latest fundraiser is set to begin on May 1. More details about the walk are expected to be released closer to the event's start.

In the meantime, his fundraising page for this year is already active on the Save the Children website

John Hillman is pictured on May 12, 2022. (CTV News) Top Stories

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