VICTORIA -- Victoria police say that an officer was assaulted when he was assisting a youth who was experiencing a mental health crisis while impaired by drugs.

The incident began in downtown Victoria on Tuesday when police received reports of a man running in and out of traffic who appeared to be looking to harm himself.

Officers arrived at the scene and found that the man was a youth "who appeared intoxicated by drugs while in the midst of a crisis," according to VicPD.

The officers were able to de-escalate the situation and led the youth off of the road. Paramedics then arrived and helped transfer the young man to hospital, while a VicPD officer escorted him.

When the group arrived at the hospital, police say the youth "experienced further negative effects of drug intoxication and his condition began to deteriorate."

Police say the young man received naloxone and began to recover before he suddenly became agitated and aggressive. He attempted to assault hospital staff, paramedics and VicPD officers and tried to spit on an officer, according to police.

VicPD says that one officer was kicked in the face during the incident before officers were able to bring the youth under control. The youth was unharmed during the incident, according to police.

Police say the officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries in the altercation and was treated at the hospital before completing the rest of his shift.

The investigation into the incident is ongoing. Anyone with information is asked to call Victoria police at 250-995-7654 or call Crime Stoppers anonymously at -800-222-8477.