The mysterious climate crusader who left anonymous notes on cars in Oak Bay and Fairfield last month has come forward and identified himself.

David Schwab says he left the notes because he wanted to draw attention to the climate crisis and embarrass people into doing their part to help protect the environment.

"I've done almost everything I can to reduce my carbon footprint, but when I look around me I see a lot of people who could be doing a lot more than they are."

The notes placed on the windshields of cars said, "Yes this is a crisis. You are the problem."

They went on to state, in part, "Think about the people to who you are passing the world unto; your kids, nieces, nephews, what have you. You might as well tell them to their face that you hate them, after all, you are helping to deprive them of food security, biodiversity, among other critical things."

The 25-year-old Victoria resident says he targeted neighbourhoods he thought were more affluent, and where drivers would be able to afford more fuel-efficient cars. 

Schwab says he decided to come forward and put a face and name to the notes because he thought it would reduce the backlash against them, and would give his message more credibility.

"I have this feeling that the message will have more of an impact if there's a person and a face associated with it," he said. "A lot of people might have an easy time saying nasty things about an anonymous person."

Many residents who received the note were upset and offended, both by its contents and by the fact it was anonymously delivered. 

Schwab hopes that going public will reduce that outrage. Still, he says he's bracing for more backlash.

He also says he plans to distribute another 900 pamphlets. He won't say, however, when or where he'll be placing them on cars.