VICTORIA -- The Port Alberni RCMP are asking witnesses to come forward after a woman fought off an alleged attacker Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred at approximately 12:40 p.m. while the woman was jogging on a trail between the Port Alberni SPCA and a local Canadian Tire, near the Alberni Highway.

Police say that the woman was able to fight off the attacker, and then was able to record a video of the man as he walked away from the encounter.

RCMP officers and a police dog then arrived at the scene and were able to arrest the man a short time after, based off of the video that the victim took.

Police say that the woman was “not seriously injured” in the encounter.

“The woman stood up to her attacker and defended herself but also had the presence of mind to record his image to aid the investigation,” said Sgt. Peter Dionne, Port Alberni RCMP.

“Her actions may have prevented additional incidents of this nature and we are requesting any witnesses to come forward to support her and the police to investigate this incident fully,” he said.

Police say that there are likely people who witnessed the incident who have not yet come forward. Anyone with information is asked to contact the Port Alberni RCMP at 250-723-2424.