Would you spend $3,000 on a bottle of red wine?

Wine lovers will have the opportunity to make the exclusive purchase at the annual BC Liquor Stores Bordeaux release on Saturday.

If you enjoy a nice glass of red, but want to stay within budget, there will be lots of blends to choose from.

The event features 120 wines at more than a dozen locations throughout the province, including the liquor store on Fort Street in Victoria. The price point on the wines will range from $29 to $3,000.

“It’s a merlot-based vintage as well as a cabernet sauvignon-based vintage so there’s best of both worlds,” said project consultant Marissa Major.

The highly coveted Bordeaux at this year’s event is a red 2014 Chateau Petrus, described as a “refined and discrete bouquet” that is “beautifully balanced with fine tannin, quite linear and structured.”

Customers will be limited to one bottle.

“All the products are going to be specialty one-time buys so you’ll only see these products once,” said Major. “This is the best vintage since 2010.”

Staff at the Fort Street location anticipate customers will begin lining up outside the store as early as Friday night. 

Last year $1.9-million worth of Bordeaux was sold in the first two days of the release.

You can see a list of the wines here