VICTORIA -- It's a trend that's caught fire in the capital region: women disguised as "ninjas" delivering goodies to one another.

“Wine Ninjas YYJ” is a Facebook group connecting women across the South Island, who surprise one another with wine and treats in an effort to spread positivity during a difficult time.

The idea is simple. First, members get invited into the group by an existing ninja. Then, they browse different albums – categorized by neighborhood – in which women have included their address and a little bit about their wine and food preferences.

The next and most important step is to buy and deliver the goodies you intend to gift, carefully and quietly drop it off at the recipient’s door, knock or ring the door bell, then make a run for it.

The group started last Friday and has already grown to include more than 3,000 members from around Victoria.

“Wine Ninjas YYJ” creator Megan Muloin says she was inspired by the actions of other stealthy friends.

“I have a lot of Alberta friends on my Facebook,” Muloin says. “They’ve been posting that they’ve been getting ninjas here and there, so right away I messaged a friend and said let’s make one for Victoria, because I think we need a lot of positivity here right now.”

CTV News tagged along as 107.3 Virgin Radio announcer Bailey Parker did a ninja drop of her own, surprising a Victoria woman in her neighbourhood.

“It’s totally on your own volition of how much you want to spend,” Parker said. “I decided to go with a bottle of wine in my price range … then added a couple treats to it.”

“It’s really however much or little you want to do,” Parker added. “It’s more so about the kindness or the gesture behind it.”

Heather Oliver was the recipient of Parker’s gift.

“It’s a nice way to surprise people who may be having a tough time, or need a change from the monotony,” Oliver said.

Similar groups have been created in Calgary, Saskatoon and Sudbury, Ont.

One common thread between them? The creativity involved in the ninja drop-offs.

“People are putting on funny costumes, funny videos, funny photos, it’s incredible,” says one group member.

The group’s creators have also considered members’ safety, carefully vetting new members through security questions, including whether they meet the legal drinking age, if they identify as female and where in Victoria they live. Muloin also says organizers “creep” potential members on social media to ensure they will be a trusted ninja and will abide by the community guidelines.

The Wine Ninjas YYJ group is the latest trend aimed at bringing together isolated Victoria women while maintaining a safe physical distance.