NANAIMO -- The Regional District of Nanaimo (RDN) is trying to evict a man living in an RV which is located on private land, even though the property owner has given him permission to live there.

For over two years, Patrick Kauwell has been living in his RV on Maxey Road which is just outside the city of Nanaimo’s boundary.

He says bylaw officers with the RDN knocked on his door four or five months ago and were responding to a complaint that he was living in an RV on the property, which goes against a district bylaw.

Due to do the lack of affordable housing, Kauwell says he cannot afford a place to live and wants bylaw restrictions eased for people living in RVs on private property.

“They’re creating these bylaws to stop people from living in RVs at the end of streets and parks, and I get that,” said Kauwell. “But when you’re on private land and there’s no complaints or people coming here to party – why are they pursuing this?”

In response to people using RV’s as living spaces within the regional district, the RDN states that people’s dwellings must either meet the BC Building Code or the Canada Safety Association standard for manufactured homes.

“These standards are in place to ensure that dwellings meet health and safety requirements for the buildings and the occupants,” said Paul Thompson, the acting general manager of Strategic and Community Development for the RDN. “A recreational vehicle is a vehicle and does not qualify as a dwelling.”

The property owner has been given until May 1 to have Kauwell and his RV removed from the property. They could face fines and legal action if they don’t comply.

Thompson says that generally, the RDN responds to bylaw complaints and does not actively look for land use bylaw infractions.