VICTORIA -- A beloved statue at a Colwood park was stolen on Christmas night and residents are outraged.

People who often visit the eagle statue at Herm Williams Park were devastated to see just the yellow toes and talons left behind on his perch.

“It is just amazing how people take the time and build these things and put it out for people to see and experience,” said Lukas Swain. “It is just amazing.”

Paul Lewis is a Victoria artist who creates driftwood sculptures all across the Greater Victoria Area. He told CTV News Vancouver Island this is not the first time one of his creations has been stolen.

“It happens all the time, unfortunately,” he said. “They snapped him off at the legs.”

The City of Colwood purchased several of Lewis' birds and moved them to the park for the holiday season.

“It is disappointing that people feel that they need to go rip things off,” said Lewis. “They ruin it for everyone else.”

Swain said he is sad that someone stole the eagle, which locals have named ‘Eddie.’

“It is for everyone to see and it is not fair to everyone else," Swain said. "It’s a terrible thing to do."

After the theft, Colwood mayor Rob Martin says steps will be taken to make sure the next creature is grounded.

“This is something that’s important to the community," Martin said. "We’ve got nothing but positive responses when we first installed this. We are not going to be discouraged by somebody who wishes to vandalize or steal."

He adds it’s understandable why someone would steal the eagle, but wants to see it returned.

“It is a beautiful piece of art I am sure someone was just inspired by it,” said Martin. “Please return it.”

Lewis is busy working on more creations and said there is always lots of driftwood he can use to create another masterpiece for everyone to enjoy.