Who would steal a couple of puppies? That’s what a Langford woman is trying to figure out after two Pomeranian pups were taken from her home.

Tuesday was a busy day in Tracy Vandekerkhove’s household. Multiple groups of people came to her home to look at puppies she had up for adoption.

She says a couple who had visited the canines more than a handful times called to say they were running late. 

“They seemed really sincere and I felt good about the kind of care they were going to give to him,” Vandekerkhove said.

They had a friend come with them that day and things were going well, until one of them asked to carry a puppy in the hood of his jacket. While Vandekerkhove was arguing with the couple, their friend bolted with two of the little dogs: Mila and Stripe.

It was likely a distraction and Vandekerkhove says because she is disabled she couldn’t go after the man. Her friends tried chasing the thief down the street but he got into a waiting car.

“I feel what they did was sick,” she said. “To come into my bedroom where I’m playing with the puppies and put me in a position where I have to hear someone running out the door holding the babies.”

The Pomeranians are only eight weeks old and should not be separated from their mom this early. The dog owner says Mila is especially fragile because she was born a preemie. 

“[To] think about some creepy stranger running with her down the street, how scared she must be right now and how frightened she is separated from her family,” Vandekerkhove added.

Faith Strocen comes over five days a week after school to bottle feed and play with Mila and had plans to adopt the puppy. The nine year old is hopeful she will see the little fluff ball again soon. 

“I was disappointed that they took her,” Strocen said. “I just hope she comes back.”

The organization Reuniting Owners with Animals Missing (ROAM) is helping to look for the puppies and is spreading the word on social media. 

While it says it’s not an uncommon story, it’s a surprising one nonetheless.

“It was pretty shocking when the story started to unfold, how fast it happened and how easily done it was,” ROAM’s Lesli Steeves told CTV.

Vandekerkhove had both dogs microchipped recently, something the group says is key to getting them back. 

“If the people who have these dogs go to do anything – take the dog to a vet, get the dogs neutered or spayed, anything like that, that chip is going to track back to these owners,” Steeves said.

The couple reportedly gave the dog owner fake names and address, but she says RCMP have a lead on one of the puppies. Vandekerkhove is offering a $1,000 reward for their safe return and has a message for the thieves:

“Please give Stripe and Mila back … we take really good care of our puppies, they’re like children to us.”