Island Weather Watcher Photos

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Interact with us and share your local weather by submitting current weather art or photos. Each weekday during the 5pm news, CTV 's Astrid Braunschmidt will feature an Island Weather Watcher. 

When submitting, please include your first name, age (if you’re under 15), city and phone number so Astrid can notify you if your art or photo submission will be aired. We will not be returning your submission so please keep a copy of your art or photo.

For photos:
Email your photo to

For art:
Click to download the printable CTV Weather Art Sheet or use an 8.5 by 11 plain sheet of paper to draw the weather.  Email your scanned weather art image to

Or mail or drop your weather art submission:

CTV Vancouver Island
ATT: Island Weather Watchers
1420 Broad Street
Victoria, BC V8W 2B1