The calendar may say March, but it’s still winter (astronomically speaking) and Mother Nature isn’t letting us forget it!

The jet stream slumps southward today allowing for a cold and unsettled air mass to invade the south coast again. Freezing levels lower to just above sea level at times over the weekend, which means snow could fall in many parts of the island tonight and intermittently through the weekend. Here’s what we’re in for:

If you feel like winter is dragging on, you’re right.

By March, we’re used to seeing cherry blossoms in full bloom in the Capital Region. In fact, the annual Victoria Flower Count starts Monday, but aside from a handful of snowdrops I don’t have that many blossoms to add to the tally this time.

No matter where you are on Vancouver Island you’ll find people craving warmer weather. So when does the cold retreat? The good news is temperatures rebound to seasonal average next week. Looking ahead, the seasonal outlook produced by Environment Canada suggests spring will produce fairly average temperatures and rainfall amounts.

seasonal average

seasonal rain

Islanders, hang in there. The countdown to spring is on. 17 days to go…