Hold onto your hats today!

Wind warnings are in effect for many parts of Vancouver island as we brace for a wind storm that is unusually strong for this time of year. Forecasters have compared this wind storm to those that we typically see in November or December.

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Strong southeasterly winds will affect different island communities at different times today.

Winds are expected to rise to 70 km/h over Greater Victoria and the Southern Gulf islands late this morning.

This afternoon they spread to East Vancouver Island and across the strait to the Sunshine Coast. These strong winds will gradually weaken overnight as the low pressure system moves across northwestern Vancouver Island.

West Vancouver Island can expect southeasterly gusts 60-90 km/h early this afternoon before shifting to southwesterly this evening.

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These winds have the potential to be damaging, possibly tossing loose objects or causing tree branches to break. Environment Canada is warning everyone to be prepared during this period of high winds.

In addition to the strong winds, expect periods of rain or showers throughout the day with a few breaks in between.