Justin Trudeau emerged from Rideau Hall Wednesday morning after visiting the Governor General and asking her to dissolve Parliament to begin the formal federal election campaign.

Voting day is set for Oct. 21.

Green Leader Elizabeth May joined candidates for an early-morning rally in Victoria Wednesday.

May was joined at the Delta Ocean Pointe Resort by Green candidates from Vancouver Island and the Lower Mainland.

Speaking from the stage, May took a moment to recognize the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

"All my love and all my thoughts to everyone touched by the tragedy 18 years ago," May said, before transitioning into her party's platform.

"What matters most is that we vote for what we believe in and vote for what we want," she told the crowd before bringing young students onto the stage with her.

"Our pledge as adults: We will never abandon our children," she said. "This election is about telling the truth to Canadians about how serious the cmilate emergency is."

In a statement, May said the campaign comes at a “pivotal point in history,” adding that climate change is on the minds of many voters.

She made a pitch for voters to back her party and elect MPs who won't “back down, compromise or waffle.”