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'We drop silver and you find it': Nanaimo silversmiths create treasure hunt on Vancouver Island

Two silversmiths from Nanaimo are hiding their hand-poured silver creations in local parks for people to go out and find.

"We drop silver and you find it," said Rob Zeiler of Black Label Bullion.

Zeiler, along with Kevin Driver of WestKoast Melts and Bullion, have created a Facebook page called Vancouver Island Treasure Hunting.

(Vancouver Island Treasure Hunting)"The reward is silver in the end, but there’s just so many rewards," said Driver.

The purpose of their treasure hunt is for people to get out and enjoy the wonderful parks the island has to offer.

"Let’s get everyone seeing this stuff," said Zeiler.

The pair started their treasure hunt last week and have hidden three silver pieces at three parks on the Mid-Island at Neck Point Park and Pipers Lagoon in Nanaimo, and Transfer Beach in Ladysmith.

The posts on the Facebook page will tell you which park the silver is hidden in and give you three hints to where it is located. They'll add additional hints if it’s not found in a timely manner and no shovel or metal detector are required.

The silver prizes are one to two ounce pieces of 0.999 purity silver and range from $50-$100 in value. If you find one, it's yours to keep.

Silver bullion are shown. (Black Label Bullion)They plan on hiding one to two pieces per month in parks up and down Vancouver Island.

To keep the hunt going for the long-term, they are asking people to donate silver to Top Stories

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