Experts say more wasps are buzzing around Greater Victoria this summer than in years past.

Chris Sabean with Old Island Pest Control says his company has been exterminating more of the insects this year than in the six years prior.

"Wasps have been off the charts this year," Sabean said. "We started ringing in June, and into August we've been fielding 40 to 50 calls on just wasps a day."

Sabean blames the mild weather for the increase in the wasp population on the Island.

"We had a warmish dry winter, we had a pretty dry spring. You know the wasps had not a lot of kill factor during the winter months," he said.

But for all the buzz about the insects, local entomologist Claudia Copley says only a couple wasp species actually target picnics and barbecues.

"There are few species of wasps that eat carrion, so only a few species of wasps will come to your picnic for the meat that you might have when you're eating," Copley said.

If a wasp is buzzing around your head, you're best not to swat at it, she added. 

"When I'm eating something that wasps are coming for, I let them come for it," she said. 

If letting a wasp eat food off your plate seems like too much, then take comfort: the height of wasp season will soon be over.