A Victoria woman is now the oldest person to sail solo around the world without the use of an engine.

Jeanne Socrates returned home to Victoria on Saturday afternoon to a crowd of people cheering her on in her final leg, which was anything but smooth sailing.

“I think we are into 336 odd days,” said port officer Daragh Nagle.

Winds damaged the 76-year-old’s boat, which made the final trip difficult. To complete the record, she could not receive assistance from anyone.

“She’s encountered some bad weather; she suffered some damage which she had to repair on her own,” said Nagle.

But finally, on Saturday afternoon, she arrived back home just after 4:15 p.m. to people cheering her on as she celebrated on her boat.

“We’ve been waiting for this all week,” said Nagle.

This is not the first daunting voyage for Socrates, in 2013 she completed her first successful solo sail around the globe in 259 days.

“She already has the title of the oldest woman to have done such a feat and now she is the oldest person in the world to do this solo,” said Nagle. “That is a great accomplishment.”

Socrates carries just enough tools, spare parts, and food to make sure her journey can be completed alone and unassisted.